Good Morning With God For Success #1


Good morning with God for success design.

Features wraparound prints.

Dishwasher safe.

Made from ceramic.

Mug holds 11oz (325ml)

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mugstandardx1000rightGood morning with God for success. How about starting your day with God while sipping your cup of coffee?

Do you know that God wants to hear from you first thing in the morning and talk to Him about what is in your heart?  Yes He wants to hear from you. He is interested on what you have to say to Him. He wants to be involve in your daily activities.

What I have noticed in my life is that when I start my morning with God things seems to go smoothly throughout the day. I feel enegized and ready to tackle the day after having a conversation with God.

Friends I want to encourage you that God loves you and He is interested to have a daily conversation with you.

I hope this mug design that I personally created will be of an encouragement to you and will become a reminder of God’s interest in your life.

Go ahead and grab yours and you will also get a discount if you buy more to give to your friends and relatives. You will also become a part of my mission to help feed the hungry children.

This website and shop was created to help feed the hungry poor children in many places. 100 percent of the profit goes directly to help feed the hungry.

During the pandemic it even makes it more crucial for me to find a lot of ways to have an extra income so I can continue to help the poor.

Growing up as very poor I know how it is to have nothing. I know how it is to be hungry and needy. Now I just want to be able to share some help when I can and I know it is being appreciated. But most especially I know God is very pleased when we help each other.

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Thanks for your time reading this. Be blessed, inspired, encouraged and loved.


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