How I Met My Angel

Meeting With Angels

How I met my angel? This is my story. Have you ever met your guardian angel? I am talking about a real angel, not like the ones we see in pictures and movies having wings on their backs. I am talking about a real angel which God assigns to watch over us. I never really thought much about it until just a few years ago. I realized that I had actually met my angel when I was about four years old.

How could a four year old girl remember this encounter? Well, it is very simple, the detail of that meeting was short and it stayed vivid in my mind growing up. It occurred while mom and dad were at work and I was left with my nanny. We did not have running water at home, so our clothes had to be washed at the well nearby. Nanny had left me in the house to play while she washed our clothes. While the nanny was at the well, I was inside the house playing with a ping pong ball. We had a wooden floor and the ball would just bounce up and down as I threw the ball on the floor. After a few more minutes playing the ball, I threw it one more time, and it was twirling in the middle of the room.

As I was running to get it and bent my head down to pick it up again, I noticed that there was a tall man standing in front of me. I could not make out his face of what he really looked like; the only thing clear about him was his clothes being white. But it was not like regular white clothes, it looked like that if I would poke on his body, my finger would just go right through it. I could not understand it then, who it was, and where he came from, I was bewildered. I knew it was a man because of the way his hands looked.

He started picking up the ball, I did not know exactly what he was trying to do, and he did not say anything. I got really terrified so I ran outside and went to get my nanny to check who the man was. When I got to the well I was screaming and told my nanny that there was a man in the house. And I told her I did not know who it was. She was emphatic about it, and told me that there was no man in the house, and that I was alone. I told her that there was a man with white clothes, and I kept nagging her to go back in the house with me and check, so she finally did.

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As soon as we arrived in the house I showed her exactly where the man was standing. And by this time of course there was nobody standing there anymore. Nanny made her point, and told me that I was alone, and that there was no one else in the house. So I got quiet and never mentioned it again until I became a Christian and started learning more about the angels of God and their ministry.

That was a short meeting I had with my guardian angel, and I believe he wanted to play with me that day. But I did not understand and got scared instead. I have no doubt now that the same angel has been assigned by God to watch over me and protect me from the attacks of the devil. I now understand better what work they do and their ministry concerning humankind.

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The Bible mentions the ministering spirits. Hebrews 1:14 NIV says, “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” Psalm 91:11 NIV says, “For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways”. Psalm 103:20 NIV says, “Praise the LORD, you His angels, you mighty ones who do His bidding, who obey His word”. The angels have been mentioned in the Bible 273 times. They were created by God: Genesis 2:1 NKJV says, “Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished”. Colossians 1:16 NIV says, “For by Him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him”. The verse above, we are told that God created the heavens and the earth, and everything in them.

The Bible indicated that angels were created at the same time the earth was formed, even before human life was created. Angels are spiritual beings. As spirit beings, angels do not have physical bodies like we have. It explains why when I met my angel he did not look like having the same body that I have. It almost looked transparent, but his clothes were white. I guess it will be really hard to grasp unless you have the same experience. But I can still remember it so vividly, every detail of it. And the more I think about it, I can not help but remember another story in the family: how the angels appeared and were trying to play with my little nephew who was very sick a few years ago.

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My nephew Jacob was about four years old also when it happened, and was hospitalized with dengue fever. He was so very sick that his blood platelet count dropped so low that we were worried he was not going to make it. We prayed and asked so many of our church friends to help us pray for little Jacob. We also raised money to help pay for his medical bills because his parents were struggling with money. God is good and provided the needs. While Jacob was still in the hospital, my sister went to visit him one day. Jacob’s dad was there and also a friend visiting. According to my sister while she was talking to Jacob’s dad, all of a sudden Jacob started talking, but not to any of them in the room.

My sister and Jacob’s dad and a friend got quiet and listened to what Jacob was saying. Jacob just woke up from sleeping and was agitated by someone wanting to play with him. He did not feel like playing, but whoever he was talking to was trying to cheer him up. My cousin, Jacob’s dad was asking who was trying to play with him. Jacob answered and said I do not know them. My cousin, my sister and a friend were quiet again while Jacob was still talking and telling those other visitors to leave him alone, because he really did not feel like playing. Jacob’s dad asked my sister if she saw anyone else in the room, and my sister said just you, Jacob and your friend.

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Then my cousin turned around and asked his friend if she saw anyone else. And his friend said yes, “there are two men in white clothes sitting next to your son and trying to play with him”. When my cousin’s friend told them what she saw, my sister and cousin were terrified, because they could not see anyone else, yet my cousin’s friend confirmed who Jacob was talking to. They wanted to leave that room, but Jacob was still very sick. Jacob was finally able to sleep again, but my cousin was worried. He thought maybe his son was dying for the reason of seeing those invisible beings. So he hurried and called the doctor to check on Jacob’s vitality again and see if there was any improvement.

So the doctor came and checked Jacob, after a while he told my cousin that Jacob was actually getting better. His platelets were going back to almost normal. My cousin was relieved and got to thinking more about those visitors. He then realized that maybe those were Jacob’s guardian angels. So when Jacob woke up again, my cousin asked his son if he could tell more about those being who wanted to play with him. Jacob told his dad that they were two men in white clothes. They were nice but he just did not feel like playing with them then. And Jacob asked his dad, “who were they anyway, I have not seen them before?”

This time my cousin had pretty much the idea that those were angels. The next few days Jacob’s health was restored to normal and he was able to go home. My cousin then sent me a message and told me about his son’s encounter with the angels. He asked me if I believe that there are really angels amongst us. I told him yes, I believe that they exist and they are assigned by God to each one of us to minister to our needs. It was a very special encounter between Jacob and his angels. I hope he will remember his encounter with them and never forget. It will be a great story to tell his children in the future. But I must say that Jacob is now one sweet healthy boy and enjoying his life with his little sister. I am sharing his personal encounter with his angels here because of the relevance with my own story. And the next story will let you know more of the divine protection of God working through the angels He has assigned to minister to each one of us.

If you have enjoyed reading this story, please leave me a comment and let me know if you have ever experience meeting an angel. If you want to read more of my stories you can also purchase a copy of my books. Thanks for your support. God bless.

Arlene Allison

I am an ordained minister who is doing missionary work for over 15 years now. I was born in one of the island in the Philippines called Cebu. Growing up in a poor condition, I managed to overcome the hurdles of life with a positive attitude, grateful for everything and most of all by the grace of God. I have always challenge myself to do better with my life at a young age and pursue my dreams and ambitions in life by working hard and never complains about the hardships I went through. I have become successful in so many ways that I want to share my life's journey and how I can help you improve your life and reach your goals to a height of success. You can't imagine now how much you can really do if you just have a positive outlook of life and have the attitude of being grateful in every circumstance.

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