How to Overcome Insecurities

Trust God and Conquer

How to overcome insecurities? This is my story. There are times in our lives when we become over confident on our own strength. We also want others to think that we are just as good as they are, if not better. We are often pressured by our own ideas to show what we have and what we are capable of. In many cases we pretend to be okay, and show what we are not. We often show others how strong we are when deep inside we are insecure and weak. In this story, I want to share with you that despite our inability and weakness, God can be our source of strength. And that it is okay to be vulnerable in our weaknesses and not have to cover up our inability to others. After all, it is God who approves and who matters the most in our lives. When I was eighteen years old, I attended a youth camp that took place in Bohol, Philippines, about two hours away from Cebu Island, by fast boat.

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I was with a group of young people and pastors. We were there to do special events to let people know about the Lord Jesus and His salvation He offers to all of us. We performed religious dramas presenting the Gospel. We sang and we had crusades where I saw miracles happening. We also had sports events to encourage the young people in the area to bond with each other in love and kindness. Doing it helps them to participate more in the community. And so many people gave their lives to the Lord Jesus to be used for His glory!

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One day after all the events were accomplished we had a leisurely day to enjoy and have fun. We went to a nice place where there was a waterfall that flows into a nice swimming pool and as the water overflows from the pool it goes into the sea. It was a beautiful scene and everyone was having fun. I tried to enjoy the water just as much as the others did, but going into the pool was intimidating for me. It almost sounds funny, and you can go and laugh, because I know most people know how to swim and enjoy swimming, but I do not. I guess when it comes to swimming I would be much safer just getting into a tub of water, to bathe. If you have read in my previous stories in my book titled “The Miraculous Saving Grace Of God” , it is not surprising that I have a phobia about being in the water. And every time I had those bad experiences my fear of getting into the water grew, but I went into the water anyway. So I was pretty much staying above the water at first and sat under the waterfall. I was with kids younger than my same age. My friends were having a great time jumping in and out of the pool. It was somewhat sad for me after a while watching them because I really would like to enjoy swimming like them too. But I could not swim without getting into a panic. After a few hours of watching, I finally had enough. My friends kept calling me though and asking me to join them.

They could not understand why I was so shy to join them. I kept all of my insecurities inside, because I could not tell them. That would be so embarrassing, that at my age I had those problems about being in the water. Come on, most people know how to swim and have no problem with it. But I had my dilemma about it, that I get panic attacks once I am in the water. My friends continued to invite me to join them and I finally did despite my fear. So I started getting myself closer and closer to the edge of the swimming pool. My friends were happy to see me making a move to join them. My insecurity and fear seemed to start going away. My friends were cheering me on to jump into the water and I was encouraged. I was determined to give it another try. “I would not be afraid so help me God!” And I jumped in. As soon as I got into the swimming pool I went down deeper than I should have. I was completely under the water.

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Then the fear started creeping in. I panicked again and hurried to swim back up above the water. I swam as fast as I could and as soon as I touched the edge of the swimming pool both my legs were cramping and hurting. I could not move, and my hands were just barely touching the edge of the pool. I was literally hanging on the edge. I was in deep trouble! You would think that I would be screaming for help, but I was too embarrassed and proud to even ask for help. I was too foolish and afraid that my friends would laugh and make fun of me. Why did I even try it again? So I just put my head down and prayed for God to rescue me. During this time my legs were still not moving. They were still in deep pain. I was just hoping that no one would grab from behind my back in the middle of the pool. One of my friends came. She saw that I was struggling. She asked if I needed help. I told her my legs were cramping and in pain. She was terrified and rushed to pull me out of the water. Thank God, I felt so relieved. I was finally able to relax. I massaged my legs gently and my friend helped me.

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I thank God for His mercy. I thank Him for His saving grace. Despite the fact that I was too proud to ask for help from my friends, God made a way to rescue me. God never penalized me for my stupidity. Instead, He has proved to me over and over again that His love is unconditional. His grace is abundant. His mercies never fail, and He is always faithful to answer us when we call on Him. So many times in our lives we are too ashamed to mention our past. Ashamed to let others know our weaknesses. Fearful that they would not like us anymore once they find out what our insecurities are. We always try to be careful to whom we share our problems. But I want to encourage you that we have a God who cares for each one of us. And He is willing not only to help us with our needs, but also listens to us when we talk to Him. I am always thankful to God that no matter how many times I have failed, He continues to come and rescue me every time I need His help.

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So whatever you are going through right now, be encouraged to know that God knows all about it and He is just waiting for you to call on Him and is He is ready to save you. It does not matter how big or small your problems are. He is only a prayer away and His ears are always ready to hear you. With a sincere heart calling on Him, He is faithful to answer you. The amazing fact about God is that even though we can not see Him, His presence is so much closer to us than those people we can see with our human eyes. You just need to have faith in His power, working in your life, and to feel His presence being with you always, no matter what you do and wherever you go. Trust Him, He loves you so much. When no one else is around you can call on God for help. Always remember that God is with you. He will never fail you, as He promised in His Word to never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5).

Arlene Allison

I am an ordained minister who is doing missionary work for over 15 years now. I was born in one of the island in the Philippines called Cebu. Growing up in a poor condition, I managed to overcome the hurdles of life with a positive attitude, grateful for everything and most of all by the grace of God. I have always challenge myself to do better with my life at a young age and pursue my dreams and ambitions in life by working hard and never complains about the hardships I went through. I have become successful in so many ways that I want to share my life's journey and how I can help you improve your life and reach your goals to a height of success. You can't imagine now how much you can really do if you just have a positive outlook of life and have the attitude of being grateful in every circumstance.

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