Powerful Truth Hardcover Journal


Powerful Truth Hardcover Journal

128 pages

90gsm paper stock

Wrap around hardback cover

Fully printed design on the front and back

Available in a selection of ruled, graph or blank pages

Powerful Truth Design

There is no doubt that we all have made mistakes in the past. But, never allow the enemy to remind us of our past over and over again. Instead remind him of his future of where he is going. For Christians we can leave victoriously if we allow God’s word to dwell in our hearts and minds. Many times the devil will keep reminding us of how bad we have been in the past. He will keep reminding us that we are not good enough. But, I am here to tell you that by the blood of Jesus you are being made righteous before God. Does it mean that we are perfect now once we become a Christian? No! We still fall short of the glory of God. But, be reminded of God’s word that every time when we made a mistake he is willing and gracious to forgive us of our sins. Never allow the devil to mess with your head anymore. If you have accepted the grace and the gift of salvation through the Lord Jesus you have been made right before God. Therefore,  you can live your life victoriously! I hope you will enjoy this design that I personally made to help all of us be reminded of whom we belong to. With this journal you can write down every victory you have won over the enemy. God loves you, God bless you and thank you so much for checking this item out.


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