VicTsing 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser


VicTsing 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser

If you are no stranger to healthy living, you’ve probably knew about how to improve health, increase your energy or help you sleep better with the assistance of aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. With different essential oil added, the oil diffuser boosts with more benefits such as elevating mood, warding off illness, helping you breathe easier, relieving pain and repelling insects etc.


Screenshot 2020 12 23 01 34 49 17VicTsing 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser, 3rd Version Aromatherapy Diffusers Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Sleep Mode, Waterless Auto-Off for Home Office Room Baby-Wood GrainVicTsing is the Top-Rated Home Brand for Daily Life. Every product from VicTsing was created with one consistent mission–Bring You Healier Life.

At VicTsing, we work passionately to create products with simplicity and usability. We talk and listen to our customers and value every constructive suggestion from them to improve our products and services



Better Fragrance, Better Breath

When you walked past a bakery, you know how smells can impact your feelings. That’s why oil diffusers are a great way to set the mood. Aromatherapy is an easy way to improve your mood. Add some water and several drops of your essential oils to VicTsing diffuser, then you will enjoy soothing and energizing aroma. 21dB whisper quiet operation and sleep mode bring you sweet dreams


150ml Capaci

21dB Ultrasonic Operatio

Considerate Sleep Mod


Automatic Safety Shut Of

Essential Oil Diffuse

Essential Oil Diffuse

21dB Ultrasonic Operation, a Good Night’s Slee

VicTsing aromatherapy essential oil diffuser is engineered with exclusive patented noise reduction system is designed on the base of the principle of hydrokinetics, which operates below 21dB. VicTsing oil diffuser creates a super quiet working environment. Enjoy peaceful rest and relaxation without annoying beep sounds



BPA Free, Safe to

VicTsing essential oil diffuser adopts ultra-high grade, safe PP materials, which is as same as baby bottles’ materials. This oil diffuser does not contain any harmful chemicals and won’t release harmful substances in the air. VicTsing essential oil diffuser will auto power off when it‘s short of water, which will extend lifespan and safe for use



Convenient Control Buttons, Customize as You W

Press “SLEEP” Button to enter sleep mode with no light and low mist output (15-30ml/h) will perfectly accompany your sweet dream. In sleep mode, this essential oil diffuser can work for 5-10H. Press the “TIMER” button to get 3 hours of continuous mist if you want to enjoy a fixed relaxation time. Turn off the LED light by pressing the “LIGHT” button if you want a more comfortable sleep



VicTsing 150ml Oil Diffuser Homasy 150ml Diffuser 2 packs Homasy 150ml Essential Oil Diffuser Set Homasy 500 ml Oil Diffuser Homasy 330ml Oil Diffuser FRAVITA Handy Aroma Diffuse

Capacity 150ml 150 ml *2 150 ml+2*10ml 500ml 330ml No Water Neede

Material BPA-free Plastic BPA-free Plastic BPA-free Plastic BPA-free Plastic BPA-free Plastic BPA-free Plasti

Mist Output High: 25-40ml/h Low: 15-30ml/h High: 25-40ml/h Low: 15-30ml/h High: 25-40ml/h Low: 15-30ml/h High: 45-60ml/h Low: 25-40ml/h High: 60-80ml/h Low: 40-60ml/h

Working Time High mist: 3-6H Low mist: 5-10H High mist: 3-6H Low mist: 5-10H High mist: 3-6H Low mist: 5-10H High mist: 8-11H Low mist: 12-20H High mist: 4-6H Low mist: 6-9H 8

Timer Setting 3H 3H 3H 1H/3H/6H 1H/3H/6H 8

Waterless Auto-off


1. Please do not add essential oils through the mist output vent

2. Clean the water tank for each oil changes because essential oils mixture may release unpleasant smell

3. Please do not use any metal or hard objects to clean the oscillator

Function Keys


1st press to turn the LED light on, 8 colors will cycle through automatically

2nd to freeze the color you want, 3rd-10th to switch the color among 8 colors

11th press or long press for 2s to turn the light off



Press it to set 3H working time and the indicator light will turn to green

Press it again to turn off the timer with the indicator light off

When the preset time is approaching, the red light flashes once and then the device will shut off



Press to enter sleep mode with blue indicator light on

Press it again to cancel sleep mode with the indicator light off



First press to turn the mist on with cyan indicator light on

Second press to turn it off with the indicator light off



Press the “SLEEP” button, the indicator will be blue

Press the “TIMER” button, the indicator will be green

Press the “MIST” button, the indicator will cyan

The indicator will be off after 10s when there is no operation. Then no matter which button you press, the indicator light will flash again to remind the previous status


Features & detai

EXCLUSIVE NOISE REDUCTION DESIGN. Equipped with the unique noise reducing cover and high-performance motor, its water-dripping and running noise can be controlled to 21dB to create a super quiet and welcome working/sleeping ambience. Ideal for bedroom, living room, office, spa, yoga

SMALL BODY, BIG ROLE. The 3rd version VicTsing Mini essential oil diffuser can work longer with the larger 150ml water capacity. High mist: 25-40ml/h for 3-6H, sleep mode: 15-30ml/h for 5-10H. Thanks to the high-performance atomizer plate which oscillates 3, 000, 000 times to dissolve mists and essential oils, this aromatherapy diffuser emits fine cool mists with enduring fragrance

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE. This essential oil diffuser can last for 10 hours (in low mist level) with a water tank capacity of 150ml. The mist output of aromatherapy diffuser can reach 25-40ml/h in high mist mode, perfect for space 20-30㎡, creating much more cool and fragrance

CONSIDERATE SLEEP MODE. Just one press of the SLEEP Button, a mode with no light and low mist output (15-30ml/h) will perfectly accompany your sweet dream. In sleep mode, VicTsing essential oil diffuser can work for 5-10H, no worry about refilling water at night

BPA-FREE & WATERLESS AUTO-OFF. BPA-free material ensures 100% healthy for babies and kids. Once the water runs out, it will be auto shut-off to protect the device…;;;or.;on.;on..;on.;;n:…








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