How To Overcome Loneliness

Lonely But You Are Not Alone

If you are someone who is going through loneliness right now,  maybe due to family problems, relationships broken, you are not alone. Feeling lonely can sometimes causes a person to think negative things and can lead to health issues especially mentally and emotionally. Research found that loneliness, social isolation and living alone were risk factors for early mortality with an increased likelihood of death ranging from 26 to 32%.

A person who is lonely is feeling sad and unhappy about being socially isolated. Loneliness causes people to feel empty, alone and unwanted. People who are lonely often crave human contact, but their state of mind makes it more difficult to form connections with other people.

During the time of separation from family members, it could be due to deaths, work, studies, and other reasons, it is important to have a positive outlook and to not stay in the mood of loneliness.

It is important for a person going through loneliness to reach out to someone. It could be a relative, friends or church family if you belong to one. Volunteering, attending community or religious events, or taking a class may help form new friendships and reduce loneliness. Going out for a meal, coffee, or a walk with friends may also help.

It is also important to know that God is with us. He is our comforter. He will never leave us nor forsake us-Hebrews 13:5.


But what about for someone you know who is alone and need help? It is even more important to give that someone a phone call and just be there for them. Especially during this time when we are all in isolation due to the pandemic we need to reach out to each other.

That is why I’m here and writing this article to let you know that you are not alone. You can connect with me and we can have a chat. Get in touch with me and I will be glad to have you here as a family.

I remember when I was just 11 years old and had to go off to another island in the  Philippines to work and study. It it was really difficult for me to not be able to see or talk or even receive letters from my family. It wasn’t like what we have now, we have all this technology that allow us to reach out through different social media platforms. I wasn’t able to see my family for a year. It was even harder for my mother to did not hear or know anything about her daughters situation for a year. As hard as it was for me to be away from my family and felt so lonely,  I did understand the reason and the purpose.  My employers understand also my emotional condition that they made every effort to make me feel loved. I was blessed to have an employers like them. But I wonder if they had been cruel and mistreating me, it would be a different story.

Just last night I received a message from a friend who just lost a family member. Feeling lonely and sad makes it difficult to even go to sleep. Just needed to talk to somebody and I was there to listen.

Friends we’ll just never know who are all the people we helped just by being available to listen.

Thank you so much for making the effort to read this article. I hope you find it comforting to know that you matter and someone care. Please leave me a message and don’t forget to connect with me I will be happy to listen to you.

Be blessed, inspired, encouraged and loved. 

Yours Truly,

Arlene Allison 

Arlene Allison

I am an ordained minister who is doing missionary work for over 15 years now. I was born in one of the island in the Philippines called Cebu. Growing up in a poor condition, I managed to overcome the hurdles of life with a positive attitude, grateful for everything and most of all by the grace of God. I have always challenge myself to do better with my life at a young age and pursue my dreams and ambitions in life by working hard and never complains about the hardships I went through. I have become successful in so many ways that I want to share my life's journey and how I can help you improve your life and reach your goals to a height of success. You can't imagine now how much you can really do if you just have a positive outlook of life and have the attitude of being grateful in every circumstance.

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